An Insurance Policy Without an Exam

Thinking about life insurance is something people my age just don’t really do that often. I am just in my early 30s, but I have a wife and two children, a mortgage, and two car payments. Add to that the utilities and other monthly bills, and I knew that my wife would have a very hard time making it should something happen to me. That is why I looked into a no exam life insurance policy. It is not that I was trying to hide anything, because I am as healthy as anyone my age can be.

Rather, I just am so busy, and it is hard for me to get to a doctor other than my annual checkups. I was not due to go to my doc for another eight months, and I did not want to have to wait for him to give me a physical then. I also did not want to have to pay to go have one done, when nothing is wrong with me. I had heard that there are life insurance policies that do not require any physical or medical exam, which is why I started looking for such a policy.

The one I found is really great. No doctor appointments, no added expense, no anything extra like that. All I had to do was answer a few questions about my health, which I did easily enough since I really don’t have anything wrong with me, like diabetes or a cancer diagnosis in my past. It also helps that I am in great shape and I don’t smoke. The application process was very easy, and it did not take me long at all to get the coverage I needed. I feel so much better knowing that should anything happen to take my life, that my wife will not have to worry about how she will tend to our finances or taking care of our children. Hopefully, it won’t even be an issue!

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