Buying Replacement Powertool Parts is Better Than Replacing the Tool

I like my professional power tools, but they need maintenance just like anything else. I use them every day on the job. With a regular residential-grade power tool, you might just replace it if it needs certain parts. Pro tools are more expensive, and they are often cheaper to fix. You can get pretty much any powertool parts for your tools. If you crack a housing, damage a cord, break a switch or anything else, you can get the right brand and model of part to fix it. If you work in a trade, you probably are savvy enough to replace the damaged parts on your powertools yourself too.

Most of the power tools I use now are powered by lithium batteries. Some of the new battery technologies are cool. You can program their LED lights to respond to you so there is no mixup on who owns what battery on a job. You can even program them to prevent theft. It was inevitable that power tool smart batteries had to be invented. They are not cheap, and they would be a popular item to grab and walk away with. You know that construction sites can have anyone walking around, and you do not know everyone.

The tools I own are tough. I have dropped them from ladders, and they have survived the falls intact. That is, most of the time. I have broken a couple housings and other stuff on the tools. It is nice to be able to go to a website and just get the exact powertool parts that I need. If you have a tool you rely on, you can keep a spare part for anything that does wear out. This way you do not have any down time on the job or get in a position you need to go out and buy a brand new one.

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