Be Careful when Receiving Emails That Look Official

Many take for granted that when they see a seemingly official email from a trusted company arrive in their email inbox, that it is actually coming from the stated source. It is customary to open it and trust whatever it is that they are saying. Unfortunately, spam and phishing emails are more common than ever, so it is important to be diligent when viewing emails that you receive that look official. At times you will get an email from an address such as that seems to pertain to your Google or Gmail account. This has all the trappings of looking official, but it is really just spam. For some it is easier to spot that these as suspicious emails and know which ones to trust, but for others, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is real and what is fake. This is why it is good to adopt a practice of verifying the information on your own, not relying on just the content of the email you receive.

To make sure you are not the victim of a phishing email, it is best to never click on any link contained within an email and also refrain from providing any personal details or passwords if you accidentally click on the link. It seems simple, but can be difficult in practice given the sheer volume of suspicious emails you can receive. Instead, if you are concerned that the content of the email is important and need to verify it’s validity, visit the company site by typing their URL into your web browser and logging into your account to see about any notifications. Always do this manually, not clicking any links. Also check the company website for information about receiving phishing emails. Many times companies provide information and tips on identifying whether or not the email you receive is really sent by them. In the future, when you are positive that you receive official communication from the company, add their email to your list of contacts to help better identify messages that are truly about your account.

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