The Current Prices for Scrap Metal

I know about a year ago, scrap metal prices were down, and I had a lot of scrap that I was going to sell, before I realized that the prices were way lower than what I was used to. At the time, I was not willing to sell at such low prices, and so I just took the stuff home and started piling it up in my backyard. I kind of forgot about it after awhile, and i need to check scrap metal prices to see what they are at right now, and hopefully they will be a lot higher than they were when I decided not to sell this stuff.

I need some extra money right now and so I am probably going to sell the scrap metal even if the prices are still low. But I would be really happy if they were back up higher, along the lines of what I had been used to for years prior to deciding to save all of that metal. I am not even sure how much metal I have to sell, but it is definitely over a thousand pounds. It is mostly brass, copper, and aluminum. All of which sell for enough money at scrap yards for them to be worth keeping.

I know a guy who used to take steel to the scrap yard, but that stuff is hardly worth anything, and you have to sell thousands of pounds of steel to a scrap yard in order to get any real money out of it. That is why you do not get but a few hundred dollars for scrapping and entire vehicle made of steel. But in any case, I hope to be able to look up the info on the current prices online because that would be easiest.

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