We Did Not Want to Inundate Our Website Viewers with Too Many Ads

There is still money to be made online. Sure, the giant retailer has pretty much cornered the market on selling just about anything, but you can tie in your websites to them and make sales. Plus, there are all kinds of niche markets to get into on the Internet. Having a global potential for your market base is very attractive. There are all kinds of booksellers online, but you still can make money selling even something as prolific as books. I use and Edmonton marketing company to help me develop and maintain the domains I own. They do everything from managing the actual page creations on the websites to making the graphics and even doing the needed photography. Not every website can rely on stock photography. My domains are like that.

I have found a way of making a living online by having a lot of content sites that have just the right amount of ads. The Internet is getting away from those websites that inundate you with banner and video ads to the point the page does not even want to load. Customers are just clicking off those sites and going elsewhere. I thought I would have to up the amount of websites I own in order to make up for an advertising shortfall. However, once people saw that my sites loaded fast and had the content they were looking for, I started to see an increase in traffic. I was grabbing marketshare from other websites that just have too many ads.

People get frustrated with those sites that they have to keep clicking to see the next slide for content info. The only reason for that is because it serves up new ads for every click. The Edmonton marketing company I hired helped me develop an ad revenue generating stream for our domains that keeps viewers clicking. My Internet business model is ready for the next generation of Internet users.

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